wait .. how is young justice much worse? .. i think both shows were good
Posted: June 27th

About Time was the best movie in the world!

Do not argue with me!

Posted: March 9th

My parents have struggled all their lives to make a good living in New York. When they realized things weren’t working out, they decided that one of them should go to Texas to establish an income to buy a house there. So, on October 15th, 2013 my Dad and my youngest sister left to Texas. My Mom, my brother, my sister, and I stayed behind to help out with expenses.

 … February 14th, 2014.

My parents have been apart from each other for 4 months now. It may not seem like much but, that’s almost 121 days, and an estimate of 174240 minutes since they’ve seen each other face to face. They’ve talked on the phone when they have time but that’s not enough. I even heard my mom cry once at night after she and my dad and my sister finished their call. We miss them so much.

Anyway, every year for Valentines day, my dad reserves a table at my mom’s favorite restaurant. He take’s her there for a dinner date and then they go to the movies. They leave the house all happy and looking like two teenagers in love. Yesterday my mom told me how much she’s going to miss that this year.

But, since my dad couldn’t be here with my mom this year, he decided to surprise her.

During my mom’s lunch break, a delivery man arrived at her job with; 4 bucay of flowers; 4 teddy bears; 4 boxes of chocolate; and a customized pillow with a map printed on it that had dotted lined from New York to Texas and the words “We will be together soon, I Love You!” written at the top.

My mom came home so excited yelling “look at what your daddy got me! look at what your daddy got me!” and literally shoved all her presents in our faces, then she gave us our presents, said “mine’s better.” and went to her room. lol

That’s my mommy’s and my daddy’s valentine’s day story.


Posted: February 14th

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